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Improving the System of Timely Identification and Effective Support of At-Risk Youth

Life Path Lessons of Youth in Secure Care Facilities (SUPYOU), 2022

SUPYOU aims to improve the system for the early identification and effective assistance of children at-risk with five objectives: (1) to get a comprehensive overview of the risk factors that led to the child’s risk behavior and finally to the service of a closed child care institution; (2) to obtain an overview of whether and what kind of assistance was provided by the local government and its network to the child and the child’s family before, during and after the institutional service; (3) to understand whether and how the Social Insurance Board supported the local government in the process of working with children and families and how the suitability of the measure provided was assessed in the network; (4) to assess how the child protection, education, social and legal protection system co-operate for the benefit of children and on the basis of this to provide solutions to the system’s bottlenecks based on the analysis; and (5) to explore other countries’ knowledge and practices in the field. In order to meet the research objectives, a large-scale qualitative study will be conducted, including document analysis, interviews with youth at-risk, their families and professionals working with youth at-risk. The project is carried out with Haap Consulting and funded by the Republic Estonia Social Insurance Board.

Published publications

Toros, K., Schults, A., & Lehtme, R. (2022). Knowledge and Good Practices Related to Early Identification of Children in Need/At-Risk and Support: Literature Review. Research Report. Tallinn University, Tallinn: CIRIC. Preliminary report can be found HERE

Toros, K., Schults, A., & Lehtme, R. (2022). Kirjandusanalüüs riskis laste varajase tuvastamise ja toetamise võimalustest ning parimatest praktikatest välisriikides. Uuringuraport. Tallinn: Tallinna Ülikool, CIRIC. Esmased tulemused on leitavad SIIN

Saia, K., Liik, K., Schults, A., & Malmberg, J. (2022). Lastekaitse-, haridus, sotsiaal- ja õiguskaitsesüsteemi koostöö kinnise lasteasutuse teenuse laste hüvanguks: kitsaskohad ja lahendused. Uuringuraport. Tallinn: Tallinna Ülikool, CIRIC. Esmased tulemused on leitavad SIIN

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